ETL's 2nd album entitled "Fable Bait" will release September 12th at the Hideout in Chicago.

"Sometimes in his head, sometimes on tape, the songwriter has been creating songs for as long as his memory extends.  Fear prevented him from sharing them in early adulthood.  He desired a salve for loneliness and anxiety - closeness, a family - not rock stardom, or recognition. His marriage falls apart in his 30’s.  The things he’d committed to failed to offer peace.  Music was the one constant in his life, a consistent source of connection.  Recommitting to song writing, he starts out finding band mates, and processes his life through the songs.  It leads to a successful first CD release at a crowded Shubas, during a snow storm, midweek in January 2013.  Eve’s Twin Lover is introduced to veteran representation - and poor Matt is killed a month later in a freak, still unsolved accident.  

That spring, songwriter breaks both of his arms in a bike accident.

Music endures, keep him going.  Squirreling away his pennies for better production on CD #2;  parenting;  being a friend;  and music.   A couple band members move on, and their replacements bring new energy and skills.  They up the ante on songwriting, work hard at their craft, and come together like the fingers on a hand. The result, our 2nd full-length CD, Fable Bait.     ~ Tim Flood