Indie Rock. Pop flavor. Chicago. 

Songs that stick in your head, that you find yourself humming with your first cup of coffee; that, in the depth of a Chicago winter, bring you back to the scent of the fresh cut suburban lawns of your childhood.  ETL is about rock grooves that pre-date alternative and indie; under appreciated guitar tones; unexpected harmonies.

Just finished listening to the tracks on SoundCloud. What a great set of tunes! Seldom do I get to enjoy every song on the first listen. Congrats on your latest accomplishment and keep up the great work!
— Joel Freeman
Imagine Modest Mouse eschewing lo-fi for a subtle affinity for classic rock for a few bars, and suddenly veering into an Elliot Smith break with twangy bends and nursery organ. Eve’s Twin Lover delivers such an unlikely marriage with an earnest sense of childlike wonder and witty charm. Their self-titled debut draws from a catalog of indie pop influences spread over five decades.
— Phil Rockrhor, Rock Critic
...Mona ends with one of the catchiest rock hooks I’ve heard this year. Melaina falls squarely between the Pixies and Morrissey
— Alex Moore, Lunchroom Audio, Austin, TX
cover art for Fable Bait, Image by Ashley Alexander